You Know He Loves You When….

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Sometimes he shows you in a big way, like when you have started a new job and have only been there for a month and a half, he sends one dozen red roses to the office because he knows you won't tell anyone there it's your birthday and he wants everyone to know you're another year older. Or on one of the few days you get to sleep in and he walks into the bedroom for socks, wakes you up, you grumble at him and he starts singing the Mary Tyler Moore sit-com song. “Who could turn the world on with her smile? Who can take a nothing day and suddenly make it all seem worthwhile? Well it’s you girl and you should know it, with each glance and every little movement you show it…..”

There are also the times when you screw up. Let’s say for instance, you wreck a loaner car. There isn’t any gentle way to give him this kind of news even if you try to casually work it into a phone conversation. They pick up on it right away because they never really pay attention to most of what you say on the phone anyway. But you know he loves you when your new nickname becomes “Crash”.

The experienced husband knows how to tip toe around you to avoid confrontation so when you come home from a hair appointment he’ll say, "I like your hair" before he even sees it. You know he loves you when he gets home from work, takes one look in your eyes, realizes "you've had a really bad day" asked what's for dinner, you say tuna fish sandwiches and he says, "Great, can I have them with chips?"

There are also off-the-wall ways you know he loves you, like when he notices three small red marks on his leg when he wakes up one morning, all the red marks are the same size, evenly spaced, so he concludes that the aliens took tissue samples while you both slept and suggests you to check your legs for the same marks. And you do it because after all the ups and downs of your marriage through the years you’ve learned to laugh together. When you both sit on the edge of the bed having a pretend serious talk about alien abduction and he says he’ll let them take him first, that’s when you know he loves you.



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