You’re Dumb and Stupid!

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“You’re dumb” and stupid, and you got “use me’’ written across your forehead! Every other woman in the world is “smarter” than you. Those were the words my husband spat out his mouth yesterday to me. I wanted to cry but I just listened and took it and kept thinking to myself, how and why do I keep putting up with this. One thought was to just tune his mean words out but that’s very hard to do. His words cut like a knife, so I just sat there thinking this is the man who tells everyone he loves his wife. How did I let so much time go by trusting and believing in this hypocritical person? If I cant feel the love because he shows me none and if he hates me as much as he claims why do you keep coming back? I know now he has cheated and that’s why he cant trust me. And with the way things are going, it’s just a matter of time of who will end up in jail or the graveyard first. He thinks he will continue to abuse me physically and mentally, but I will not let this happen any longer, he should go on to the women he claims are smarter than me, because there’s no love there anymore. I feel rage and I hate myself for letting this continue as long as it has. Any woman out there that can relate to any of this should realize that you are in a bad situation. Think about it … I am.


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