Yours, Mine, Ours.

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This past weekend I was in Atlanta with my "new" family. By marrying, I acquired not just a fabulous husband, but several older siblings, 2 sets of in-laws, 2 adorable nieces and 1 awesome little nephew (quite the package deal!) After years of knowing "his" family and loving "my" family, we suddenly had "our" family (now I will NEVER remember all the birthdays!)

Though there doesn’t seem to be any way to match the lifetime (literally) I’ve spent with my parents and sister, I'm amazed by the bond I feel with the family connected to me through my husband. The stereotype of nightmarish siblings and monster-in-laws may exist for a reason, but I want to let you all know that fairytale endings exist too! There's a chance your spouse's family will be just as awesome (and at times lovingly annoying) as your own. As I lounged late night between my completely passed out “new” big brother and sister, I felt completely at home, loved and in love. For that I'm very grateful.


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