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10 No-Brainer Beauty Resolutions

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Unlike eating less and working out more, beauty resolutions are enjoyable and relatively easy to keep. They don't require sweating or eating wheatgrass (though both have beautifying benefits) and the gratification is practically instant. This year, show yourself some well-deserved love with products and treatments that will make you feel and look like a new woman. Repeat after me: 

  1. I will not go to bed without washing my face. I may even pick up some of those facial wipes to keep on my nightstand.
  2. I will paint my nails a bold hue, such as retro red or navy blue, for an instantly chic and pulled-together look.
  3. I will wear sunscreen every single day, no less than SPF 15 and ideally SPF 30. And I won't forget my neck!  
  4. Makeup is my friend. I will not leave the house without a little tinted moisturizer, under-eye concealer and blush to help me feel pulled together in five minutes flat.
  5. I will exfoliate 2-3 times per week to keep my skin bright and help it better absorb serums and moisturizers.
  6. I will immediately book a trim the second I catch myself playing with split ends.
  7. I will drink lots of water and at least one morning a week replace my latte with antioxidant-rich green tea. 
  8. I will not pick at my skin no matter how much it pains me. Instead, I will dab the blemish with tea tree oil or salicylic acid and leave it alone.
  9. I will get my brows waxed and shaped by a professional. 
  10. I will get a massage, meditate or take a yoga class—whatever would restore my mind, body and spirit.

What are your beauty or wellness resolutions this year? I'd love to hear about them! 



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