3 Great Hairstyles That Will Last All Night Long

I love having an event that requires "special" hair. Seriously, the second I get an invite to anything remotely fancy I start thinking about how I'm going to wear my hair. And then there's the makeup. And of course the dress.

But back to the hair…what's the point of having a great hairstyle if it doesn't stay past an hour or two? Whether it's for a Valentine's date, or an appearance on the red carpet, here are a few great styles that will last all night!

Big Bun with a braid. This is really just a big teased bun with a section braided and wrapped around itself. Between the teasing, the pinning and the hairspray, you can dance like Beyoncé not worry for a second about your hair falling (trust me, I already tested it out).

Beehive French Twist: Again, with the teasing. But I'm telling you, teasing gives you such a strong foundation that any style is sure to hold much better. I like to also add mousse before I blow dry my hair for that extra grip and texture!

Fishtail: Fishtails are so simple and super chic. They can be worn by women with many different style preferences, which is why I love them so much. I also love how they can be dressed up or down depending on shoe choice or lipstick color. I've seen Blake Lively on the red carpet with a fishtail, and if Blake Lively has done it then I'm pretty sure I might do it the next day. It's a beautiful style that stays out of your face and doesn't require any touch ups!



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