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3 Tools for Flawless Pony Tails

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I love pony tails and I have been known to defend the pony tail when people try to peg it as being a "lazy" look. I believe ponies can be just as sexy and stylish as wearing your hair down when done right. My point is this: don't bash the pony tail around me.

As a pony lover, you can imagine the extensive hair tie research I've done. Hair ties deserve research, because the wrong kind can break your hair, and that's enough to ruin your day. Here are my three favorites:

Clear ($7)

I love using these little clear elastics from Goody. The fact that they're clear makes them great for all hair colors, and I even use them for updos and formal occasions. You can cover them with hair or leave them exposed…because they're clear! Who would be offended by that? These clear ties are pretty deceiving, because with how small they are you'd think they only be good for fine/thin hair, but you'd be surprised!

Knotted. ($20 for a pack of 8)

These soft hair ties are my favorite for every day. They don't tangle  or kink my hair, even after wearing them all day. They're made of a very soft material that is very easy on the hair and won't cause breakage. They are great for all hair types, even the thickest! 

Bungees. ($3.50 each)

These ties are kind of a hairstylists secret weapon for getting the smoothest pony tail on the block. They will get you the most slick, tight and bump-less 'do. Bungees are best for medium to thick hair and will hold without budging until the night is over.


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