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3 Ways to Avoid Hair Damage

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If you're like me, you love long hair. If you love long hair, you probably love healthy long hair. It's tough keeping your hair healthy the longer it gets, so here is a little breakdown of ways to avoid damaging your beautiful, silky locks!

1. Don't over-process your hair. I'm talking about chemical damage here. The more you color, highlight, perm, relax, etc. the more damage you're causing your hair. The chemicals open and close your hair's cuticle, which is what protects the core of your hair. The more opening and closing of the cuticle, the more your ends will split. Easy on the chemical processing!

2. Don't over-heat your hair. This goes for curling irons, flat irons, blow dryer and even sun damage. Like chemical processing, heat opens the cuticle. The cuticle protects the core, yada yada yada, damaged ends. Careful with the heat styling!

3. Don't pick your split ends. It's addicting, right? But it's so bad for your hair. The more you pick at your split ends, the quicker they spread. Before you know it, ends that could have been snipped off with a half an inch trim, have now grown inches upon inches up the hair shaft. Now you have to do much more than a trim to get rid of those guys. This is one of those times where I should be taking my own advice. I love picking at my ends. Not proud.

Follow these ways to avoid damage and you'll be on your way to Blake Lively hair!


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