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All That Shimmers

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In high school, I did everything in my power to banish shine. There was the brown-paper-bag trick (so gross), the blotting papers, and my CoverGirl pressed-powder compact. Classic. Now I do everything in my power to look dewy. My thirtysomething skin can’t do it alone though. I usually have to fake it with some shimmer. (Notice I didn’t say glitter. There’s a difference, and it’s what separates us from teenagers and showgirls.) When placed strategically and applied appropriately, shimmer can slim, soften, and make you look like you subsist on salmon and spinach. These modern glow-getters are always in my arsenal:


Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks ($38): A cult classic, and for good reason. When dusted on cheekbones and across the bridge of the nose, this subtle powder creates a luminous, warm radiance that looks like you’ve just returned from a nice, long tropical vacation.



MAC Strobe Cream ($29.50): Cosmetic treatments and Photoshop aside, liquid illuminators are the key to every celeb’s improbable glow. Mix a dime-size amount with your moisturizer or foundation for all-over dewiness, or blend it in a C shape on the orbital bone for a light-catching effect.



Vapour Stratus Instant Skin Perfector ($44): Whoa. I’ve been waiting my whole life for a clear stick that adds glow without color or frost, making it completely undetectable. All people will see are these radiant cheekbones when the light hits them. Bonus: it’s organic and so easy to use. Just glide on top of makeup and go.


Weleda Almond Soothing Facial Oil ($22.50): Don’t be afraid of face oils. As long as they’re plant-derived, they won’t clog your pores. I learned this trick from a makeup artist: pat a drop or two ON TOP of makeup for natural-looking sheen. I like Weleda’s because it’s fragrance-free, lightweight, and easy on the pocketbook.

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