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Awaken Your Roots

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I don’t understand people who run in and out of drugstores in just enough time to grab what they need. Are they crazy? There’s so much fun to be had in drugstore aisles! I could easily spend an hour browsing around the makeup and skin care aisles, checking out the new stuff and seeing if anything I wanted to try has gone on sale. It’s one of life’s little pleasures! (And it’s how I’ve discovered some of my favorite products.) Plus, drugstores are carrying even more varieties of products lately—Essie, for example—so sometimes you can even save yourself a trip to Sephora or ULTA by running into CVS. (Not that I don’t love a good Sephora/ULTA run, but sometimes you just don’t have time and there’s a CVS every five feet in Los Angeles. I can’t lie—I love them!)


My most recent drugstore finds are the Root Awakening shampoos and conditioners by John Frieda. There are a few different varieties—for normal hair, for dry hair, etc.— but I’ve been using the duo made for breakage-prone hair, since my long hair tends to get split ends fairly easily. Both the shampoo and the conditioner have my most favorite scent in hair products—a minty, energizing fragrance that makes them perfect for the morning, when I’m always trying to get myself motivated for the day ahead. Both the shampoo and conditioner work really well for me. The shampoo lathers up nicely and rinses out easily, while the conditioner leaves my hair soft and knot-free (not always easy with my hair length and texture). My hair has been really shiny and healthy since I discovered them, and even on the days when I shampoo and condition it twice, it doesn’t seem to weigh it down or dry it out. (I know it’s terrible to wash your hair twice a day, but I’m incapable of going to the gym after work and then not shampooing. I just can’t do it, so I’m happy to have found a duo that can be used often without wrecking my hair.)

The Root Awakening line also has a bunch of other products that I have on my list to try, like a Smoothing Lotion and a Strength Boosting Leave In Spray. And best of all, all of the products are under $7 and they frequently have deals on them in the store. I got both shampoo and conditioner for $6.50 total last time I went to CVS because of a buy-one-get one-free sale. Score! Finding great products for fantastic prices is one of the main reasons I never miss a good drugstore run. See, people who don’t do this? You’re missing out!  

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