The temperature has been in the high nineties in Los Angeles for the past week, and it’s been pretty unbearable. I’ve had my air conditioning on high constantly, and I’ve been trying to avoid going outside as much as possible because I always end up a sweaty, miserable mess after about five minutes in the heat. (I don’t care what anyone says. It may not be humid here, but hot is still hot, and it is not fun.) I’ve found two products that help a lot though, and both of them will be constant staples in my bag all summer now.

Philosophy’s Hope Springs Eternal is a deep-sea hydrating mist that comes in a convenient five-ounce spray bottle. When you spritz it on, it helps to boost your skin’s moisture level, and it has over 250 (250!) minerals and nutrients to keep your skin healthy. It also has this great energizing smell, so it’s perfect as a pick-me-up when you feel like you’re melting. You can use it at night or in the morning as a toner, but what I like to do is keep it in the fridge and then take it with me during the day to spritz on when I’m running errands and need to feel refreshed. It makes such a difference in the heat of summer, but I think it would also be great to put in a smaller bottle to take on a plane—not only to feel more human when you’re squished in those uncomfortable seats, but also to create a nicer-smelling environment. (It might sound crazy, but personal experience has taught me that if there’s a person who hasn’t showered on my flight, he or she is going to be sitting right next to me!)

My other summer lifesaver recently has been Clinique’s All About Eyes Serum. It comes in a tube with a roller ball at the end that lets the serum get massaged into the under-eye area. It feels cool to the touch when it goes on, and the formula has caffeine, antioxidants, and soothing botanicals in it that help get rid of puffy eyes and dark circles. It’s great to use during a long day at work (maybe right after you spritz on Hope Springs Eternal), and its slim packaging makes it easy to throw in your purse during the day when you’re running around. It would also be nice on a flight, but right now I’m mostly just loving the fact that it makes my eyes look and feel so much better during the heat wave.

Is it bad to say that I’m already looking forward to the fall? Bring on jackets and boots!

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