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The Best Heat-Protecting Hair Products

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Now that you know the importance of a good blow dryer, let's talk about the importance of heat protection! Blow drying isn't terrible for your hair, but it's definitely not making it any healthier either. Make sure you are using a heat protecting product before you get started. You'll want something that will moisturize and act as a barrier so you aren't blasting heat straight onto your locks. I consider it kind of a "sunblock" of sorts for my hair. Which is just a little bit adorable to imagine.

I have a long list of expensive and luxurious products that are rich and moisturizing for all your heat protecting needs, but really you can use almost any hair product with a cream or oil base. I go with an oil base to make sure I'm getting moisture, but not too much build-up. My rule of thumb, is to put a coin size (nickel or quarter) amount of oil or cream in my hands, rub together and starting at my ends work my way up to my chin. That way the oil is protecting the hair that needs it the most, but it's not weighing down my roots, and making them look greasy. Bonus: To make my blow dries last longer, I touch up my ends with a smaller amount of oil to keep them from looking frizzy.

Here are my favorite heat-protecting products:


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