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Best of the Internet: 11/15/13

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From adorable Batkid to questionable Miley Cyrus, here are some of the best things to go viral this week:

Photo from reddit

1. Subway terminals in Moscow are now accepting 30 squats in leiu of ticket fare. Because in Russia, every day is leg day.

Photo from reddit

2. But London isn't letting anyone ride for free.

3. This feline bromance warmed hearts.

Photo from Buzzfeed

4. Miley Cyrus lit a joint onstage at the EMAs. Because, why not?

Photo from Buzzfeed

5. Then this outfit happened.


6. This white supremacist found out he's 14% black, the lady next to him lets out the most delightful cackle.


7. This little girl walked on ice for the first time.


8. This Instagram account dedicated itself to the worst food pics out there. We thought these were porkchops.


9. The Make A Wish foundation helped Miles Scott transform into Batkid. Too precious!

Photo from reddit

10. The cutest way to wake up your dog.


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