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Best of the Internet: 11/22/15

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From a man's touching reunion with his do after a devastating tornado to an equally tragic Kanye West video, here are some of the best things to go viral this week:

1. This adorable couple recreated the iconic scene from Dirty Dancing and totally nailed it! The actual performance starts around 2:10.

2. This twerking Corgi.

Photo from National Post

3. The Danish royal family unveiled the world's scariest portrait. It looks like a promo for an AHS spin-off: Danish Horror Story, anyone?

4. Kanye released what he hoped would be the most majestic music video ever. LOL.

Photo from The Weather Channel

5. This Illinois man found his dog alive in the rubble after a devastating tornado.

6. This Goldieblox ad warmed the hearts of little girls everywhere.

7. This Joe Boxer commercial warmed the hearts of big girls everywhere.

Photo from reddit

8. "Yo, that's fifty dollars for a t-shirt." Thanks a lot, Macklemore.

Photo from reddit

9.  These dad-proofed remotes.

Photo from reddit

10. This passive-aggressive birthday card for your least-favorite aunt.

11. Sophia Grace's princess swagger.

Photo from reddit

12. This super-confident 6-year-old student. Take note, ladies!


13. Oxford Dictionary declared "selfie" the word of the year. Check out more of our favorite celeb selfies here.



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