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Fall Makeup Trend: Bright Colors!

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As we head towards the tail end of summer and into the cooler days of fall, I'm embracing the last of the heat waves (okay, I live in Los Angeles, so probably not the last). And to me, that means wearing bright colors. Fall is just more… muted somehow, even in Los Angeles. So I'm digging into my stash and picking out the best of my brights to get me through the transition. Because how can you not be in a cheerful mood when you're wearing orange on your lips or bright yellow on your toes? The answer is, you can't!

Colored mascara will forever remind me of junior high and I never thought I'd put it on again, but I have to admit, now that it's made a semi-comeback, there are times I like to wear it.  But I don't like to spend a lot of money on it because it's not a makeup staple, more like a fun addition to my look on occasion.  So for my colored mascara needs, I use Maybelline's Great Lash Washable Mascara in Royal Blue.  Blue is just the perfect colored mascara and I love that this one is cheap (around $5!), easy to find (any drugstore…. anywhere) and gives me thick, longer lashes with a bold blue shade.  I especially like wearing it with neutral shadows because the combination of browns and blue it really makes my green eyes pop.  It's a great combo.  But if blue isn't your favorite, they just released it in a bunch of other bright shades (green is another fun one) that you can check out as well. 


It seems like Sephora is phasing out their long-running Sephora by OPI pollish line, so this is a great time to stock up on all of your favorites before they're gone (and maybe discover a few new ones!) because they're way cheaper at the moment.  I love a ton of their shades, but if you're going bright, you must check out Techno Girl, an opaque vivid azalea.  It's a bright pink that looks equally as good on fingers as toes and will definitely put you in a tropical mood when you look down and see your toes peeking out of your favorite sandals.  And it's only $4.50 at the moment!  You can't go wrong with that.



Another fun place where you can't go wrong with a bright, bold shade is your lips.  Urban Decay's new Revolution Lipsticks are a fantastic new product.  There are a ton of different shades, they're super moisturizing and they come in a funky case (would you expect anything less from Urban Decay?)  My favorite bold new shade is Bang, a bright orange red.  Orange lipstick is my new obsession and this is a great one.  It's the perfect mix of the two shades and definitely says "Notice me!" 

So many brights, so little time…


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