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The Demure, Almost Professional Way to Wear Glitter Nail Polish

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As much as I love glitter nail polish, sometimes it’s just not appropriate for a big meeting or family event, however making a "glitter jelly sandwich" is a great way to get a pop of color into a more mature manicure.  Keep reading to find out how to make a jelly sandwich for your nails will make you look at once fun and professional.

I used white for my base but feel free to use whatever color you like. This is two coats of Essie Blanc as the base because I was going for a “frosted cupcake” look on my nails!  Whatever you use as the base will be the main color of the manicure.  Wait for Step 1 to dry before moving on to step two.


Now it’s time for glitter!  You can use any color or type of glitter for this!  I tend to like larger glitters because I think they pop more on the nails and really look great in a jelly sandwich!  For this manicure I used Milani Teal and Hot Pink from the Jewel FX collection because I wanted each nail to be more monochrome but a multi-color looks great too!  I only did one coat of each glitter per nail so as not to be overwhelmed by glitter.


Now it’s time to make it into a “jelly sandwich,” which means adding a sheer or jelly polish on top.  For this manicure, I chose OPI Don’t Touch My Tutu because I liked the white theme and wanted it to look like pop tart frosting!  I just did one layer of Don’t Touch My Tutu because it’s a sheer white that mutes the glitter just enough to make it daytime appropriate!  Now it’s time to add your favorite top coat and voila!  An easy jelly sandwich!


Voila! If not work-apropriate, definitely a little less in-your-face!


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