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A Dozen Lashes: My Favorite Mascaras

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You know how sometimes you just get on a roll with certain products and can't stop buying them? I'm experiencing that right now with mascara. Even though I already have a ton of them, I suddenly can't stop picking more up. I'm obsessed with mascara! Drugstore, high end… it doesn't matter. If it looks good, I'm buying it. Here are the ones standing out for me at the moment.


Make Up For Ever rarely lets me down and their new Smoky Extravagant Mascara continues the streak of making me enjoy spending my money on their products. My ban on shopping for a little while is really making me appreciate the new products I'm trying and love because I was without new fun stuff for a few months and it made me very cranky. Sometimes, new fun stuff is all that keeps me going, ya know? Anyway, I finally got my hands on Smoky Extravagant and it is fabulous. If you're looking for volume, this is your mascara. The brush is shaped like a cone, which lets you use both the thick and thin parts of it to get to every lash without getting it all over your face. (Maybe this is only be a problem for me because I'm a klutz, but I figure there's gotta be other people out there having an issue with it, too). The formula is long-lasting and seriously, I get tons and tons of volume with it. If you have thin lashes that you want to plump up, give this one a try because it just might be your Holy Grail.      


BareMinerals new Lash Domination (sexy name!) is another mascara that's making me very happy at the moment.  The brush on this one is super cool—it's called the ProTwist 180 Wand (fancy!) and it's sort of spiraled, which makes it curve around each and every lash so that you don't end up with some with a ton of mascara on them and some with barely any at all. It's also a volumizer, but it also does a ton of other things – it lengthens, thickens, separates and lifts, while being clump and flake free. It's pretty freaking great.  It makes my lashes super black, thick and long, but they don't clump so I don't get Tammy Faye Baker lashes. (It promises up to 345 percent more volume after two coats, but obviously that's hard to judge). At $18, it's a nice compromise between drugstore and prestige prices, especially when you consider how long mascara lasts. Get thee to a Sephora immediately to try this one out!


I'd been using CoverGirl's LashBlast Clump Crusher for months before the tube somehow got stuck behind something and I forgot I had it. And I recently rediscovered it and remembered why it's my favorite drugstore mascara of all time. (Insert Kanye West joke here). Everything about it is great. The formula is completely clump free, but it still makes my lashes thick and longer, plus it stays put forever. Long days at work don't even put a dent in it. It still looks exactly like it did when I applied it in the morning. And it's less than $10. Sometimes substantially less, if you can find a coupon or it goes on sale. You just can't beat that. I stash one in my makeup bag for traveling so I know I'll always have it with me. I like it better than a lot of much more expensive mascaras I've bought, so it makes me feel like I'm a bargain hunter (but one with fabulous lashes!)


I'd love to hear about other people's favorite mascaras to see if I should add some of them to my rotation. Anyone have any that are must tries?


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