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The Easy Way to Remove Glitter Polish

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While I love wearing glitter nail polish, one of the most frustrating things is trying to get it off.  I always end up shredding cotton balls and wearing out my arm trying to scrub it off with remover.  This simple tutorial shows you how to easily get glitter off your nails without all the hard work!

First, you need to have glitter nail polish on. Here I’m wearing Oh Splat! and Toucan Touch This by KB Shimmer, one of my favorite indie nail polish brands. I had three coats of each polish on so there is a LOT of glitter to get off!  Before you get started make sure you have 10 cotton balls, nail polish remover (with acetone will work best) and 5 strips of tin foil ready to go.

It’s best to do this one step at a time so the remover doesn’t dry out.  Soak a cotton ball in nail polish remover so it’s completely saturated (I prefer smaller cotton balls, you just need it to cover your nail) and place on the nail so the entire nail plate is covered.


Take a strip of tin foil, about 1-2 inches wide and 3-4 inches long and wrap it around your finger from the top knuckle extending beyond the nail tip.  You want to make sure the tin foil is pretty tight since this is what keeps the cotton ball with remover from drying out!  Repeat this on all the fingers on one hand.

Now, you should have glitter claws!  I find it’s easier to do one hand at a time so I once one hand is done, wait about 7 minutes and try not to scratch your face with the tin foil by accident!

Time to get the glitter off!  Slowly unroll the tin foil from each finger so you can re-use it for your next hand and use the cotton ball to rub your nail and the glitter should come off easily!  If the first nail is stubborn, leave it on for a few more minutes and voila!  


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