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The Escentual Eye

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You know how you go through phases with products?  Like how for two months you’ll be obsessed with nail polish, but then get a little bored of it and move on to being obsessed with mascara or the best new shiny lipgloss that won’t make your hair stick to your lips?  I hope it’s not just me that sometimes has a short attention span when it comes to my beauty closet!  I actually think it’s sort of good because if I didn’t go through phases where certain kinds of products stopped interesting me for a little while, I would be completely broke because I would want them all every time I walked into Sephora (as opposed to just wanting 75% or so, which is about my normal average).  For me right now, eyeshadow is having a moment. Specifically, I can’t get enough of the new bareMinerals READY Eyeshadow 2.0 duos. 
For those of you who haven’t tried out any of the bareMinerals powder shadows, (I’ll forgive you since they haven’t been around all that long) run to the store to rectify that situation. They’re my favorite shadows in recent memory because they’re all vivid colors, they go on smoothly, and they blend like a dream. They don’t crease easily and I find that with a good primer underneath them, they last from when I put them on in the morning until I get home at night with minimal fading.  In short, they’re kind of the perfect shadows and now that they’ve come out with them in a bunch of new shades, they’re even more enticing.
Right now there are fifteen different duos of shades that are chosen specifically to complement each other.  I’m partial to a couple in particular – The Vision, which has shades of sea mist and deep lagoon, The Showstopper, which is periwinkle and jeweled lavender, and The Epiphany, which is brown sugar and brown truffle.  They’re all perfect for daily use and at $20 a duo, they’re not so expensive that you’ll find yourself in debt to own them.  (Always a plus!)  I have to say, bareMinerals has really been wowing me lately with their products and these only continue the trend.  Keep it up!


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