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Fabulous Fashionistas: Who Says Fashion is Only for the Young?

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Photo courtesy Channel 4

Age is just a number for six women featured on UK’s Channel 4 film, Fabulous Fashionistas.

Jean Woods, 75, rocks a Hoxton haircut and Doc Martens on the regular. The world’s oldest model, Daphne Selfe, 85, sashays about in a style described as sleek and cool. Former ballet dancer, Gillian Lynne, 87, shows off her mile-long legs in miniskirts. Sue Kreitzman, 73, turns heads with her own artistic designs. Conservative Jean Barker, Baroness Trumpington, 91, attends Lords’ debates in well put-together style. And, charity store shopper Bridget Sojourner, 75, finds the best deals on flowing dresses and glam hats.

These inspiring women are refusing to give in to the sweet, old granny stereotype and opting instead for high heels and costume jewelry. If these gals know anything about life, it’s that looking good isn’t just for the younger generations.

“I don’t give a damn what people think of me or the way I dress,” says one of the chosen fashionistas. “I dress for myself because I love style and design and color.”

That’s the right attitude to keep up when everything else has given in to gravity. Stay stylish, ladies.

Can’t get enough? Check out the full story: The 87-year-olds who wear Doc Martens and mini-skirts: World's most glamorous pensioners revealed in new documentary – Daily Mail UK


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