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Fall is for Flushed Cheeks

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I am a blush JUNKIE. At times it can be a problem, but mostly it’s the single most important piece of makeup in my bag. Especially come fall/winter, when the self-tanner has been pried from my pale, pale hands. Which, I should add, aren’t nearly as pale as my face. So when the leaves begin to fall, blush becomes my new BFF all over again. Good thing rosy cheeks never go out of style, particularly this season when the ladylike trend calls for a polished yet youthful appearance. To fake this flushed glow without actually going for a jog or looking like you just stepped out of a clown car, follow these tips: 

1.     Stick to shades of pink, fuchsia or red—the brighter the better, so as to mimic your cheeks on a chilly day. Anything softer will look too ’80s and made-up.

2.     Choose cream or gel formula, which melt into skin and look more lit-from-within than a traditional powder. For extra staying power, layer a similar shade of powder blush OVER the cream or gel.

3.     Blend, blend, blend. Dot color on apples of cheeks then blend down to hollows, where you would naturally flush. You’re going for an all-over rosiness, not a streak of color.

A few flush-friendly blushes to get you started: Jouer Tint in Dahlia ($20), Stila Convertible Color in Poppy($26), Tarte Cheek Stain in TEN ($30)

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