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Fall in Love with this Heart Mani!

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Hearts are one of the few designs that can be dressed up, dressed down and worn by older or younger ladies.  This tutorial will show you a super easy and fast way to do mini hearts on your nails using summery colors!

First make sure you have everything you need for your manicure!  You only need two polishes but I’m showing you a few color combinations.  It’s best to have the colors be fairly different so the hearts really pop.  You will also need a piece of wax paper and something to make the hearts.  I’m using a dotting tool but you can easily use the edge of a bobby pin for the same effect!

 First, you’re going to paint your base color.  It doesn’t matter if it’s lighter or darker than the hearts will be as long as the hearts will be opaque!  Here I’m showing you Jessica Cosmetics in Barely Blueberry, Tangerine Dreamz and Super Boyz N Berry!  Wait for the base to mostly be dry or use a fast dry top coat to speed up the process before moving on.

Next you will use the wax paper and put a little blob of polish on it to make it easier to dip into it.  For the hearts, I used Dr.’s Remedy Grateful Grape which is a gorgeous deep purple with a bit of shimmer to it.


Now dip your dotting tool or bobby pin into the blob of polish.  You’re going to make a small line with the polish so you need a bit more polish on the edge of your dotting tool than if you were making a polka dot.


Using the dotting tool dipped in polish, carefully make a small line on an angle with the polish.  This will be one half of your heart.  Be sure to space them out so they won’t run into each other when you add the other half!

At this point, this is how your manicure should look.  Lots of diagonal lines on top of the nail.  You can play around with size to see if you like a more uniform or a more haphazard look!

Now it’s time to repeat steps 2-4 just with the lines going the opposite way!  Make sure they are connected about halfway through so you really get the heart shape!  Now just add top coat and voila!  A perfect heart manicure! 


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