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Favorite Celebrity Hair: Men's Edition

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My first crush ever was on Elvis Presley. I mean, he's gorgeous and has a voice smoother than butter, but it is and always was really about the hair. Elvis' hair. Right? Anyway, there are just some celebrity men who have been gifted with good hair, and I can't help but love them. I feel a need to celebrate my favorite celebrity man hair today. Join me, wont you?

Elvis. I know I already mentioned him, but he deserves to be mentioned twice. That thick dark hair that starts off clean and styled, but ends up a little undone by the end of a soulful song...seriously.

Adam Brody.

He's got the dark hair that I love so much, but also has the world's greatest texture. It's thick, but can be grown out without looking out of control. He has his waves to thank for that. And his parents who probably gave him the waves.

Zac Efron.

He might be my most requested men's hair of all time in the salon. Grown men seem to whisper their request, or look over their shoulder before showing me the picture of him that they brought in. Don't be ashamed, guys. Zac just has good hair, plainly and simply. Clean and sophisticated or long and surfy, he pulls anything off. But you know, he does have quite the face too.

Robert Pattinson.

No list regarding men's hair would be complete without the guy. The perfect disheveled do. That's all.

Who are your favorites?


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