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A Funky-Fresh French Manicure

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We’ve all seen the classic French manicure with nude and white and while it might be  classic, sometimes it can feel a bit dated.  So by using different shades and some crafting scissors you can really dress up your nails by doing a Funky French!  Step outside of the box and learn how to do this gorgeous nail look!


First make sure you have all of your instruments ready to go!  For this manicure you will need two different nail polish colors (either subtle or opposites, it’s your choice!), scotch tape and a pair of crafting scissors.  I chose the craft scissors with a stamp edge and the nail polishes are Avon Viva Pink and Lagoon.


First, paint your base color.  Choose the less opaque of the two colors or the lighter of the two colors so that the French on top will really pop!  If you have some time, then wait until they are dry before you start step 2 or you can use a fast dry topcoat like Seche Vite to speed up the process!

Next, rip off a piece of tape that will be long enough to wrap around your nail tip with some room to spare.  Once you have it, use the craft scissors to cut the tape in half so that you will have two strips with the fun edge.

Put the tape against your palm and pull it up several times.  You want to make sure the tape is sticky enough to stay on the nail but not too sticky otherwise it will pull up the base color.  Usually doing this 5-10 times is enough!

Now it’s time to put down the tape.  You want to make sure that the straight edge is as horizontal as possible to the nail edge so that your funky French will be straight.  Make sure to smooth down all the bubbles and wrinkles so the polish won’t seep underneath.
(Insert Step 5)  Use your second color to paint over the tape towards the nail edge to really get in the design.  The polish you use should be able to do this in one coat since you have to move quickly!  Wait a couple of seconds and then pull the tape off gently so the design stays intact.

Now it’s time to use your favorite topcoat and enjoy your funky French!  Try playing around with different colors and nail polish finishes to find what funky French works for you!


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