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Goof-Proof Nails

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I’ve been dying to try Sally Hansen’s Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips for a long time.  Almost every visit to ULTA, I would pass the display, find a bunch of different designs I thought looked interesting, pick some up, carry them around with me for awhile, then put them back.  I’m not sure why.  Maybe it was the price (around $10 a box) or the fact that I’m not very coordinated and figured I wouldn’t be able to use them correctly, but for whatever reason, it took me months to finally buy them.
The pattern that I picked for my first time is called Lust-rous and out of the many shades available, this was the one I just couldn’t pass up.  It’s a deep black polish with small and medium-sized circles of glitter in both gold and silver.  It’s so, so pretty – I would seriously pay upwards of $20 for an actual bottle of real polish in this shade, I love it so much.  Using the strips is really simple, even for someone as bad at things like this as I am.  When you open the package, there are 16 individual strips of polish in different sizes (so you can match each one to the finger it best fits).  I was able to find almost perfect matches to all my fingers with the different sizes, so don’t worry about that part. 
Once you have all the strips ready, you do them finger by finger.  Simply peel off the backing, press the sticker down on the nail, make sure you smooth it out with the included small stick, then use the mini-nail file (also included) to shape the tip around your nail.  The instructions don’t say anything about cutting the strip, but I found that they were so long, that was the easiest and quickest way to make them fit.  (If you do this though, be extra careful not to cut them too much, otherwise you’ll have to start over on that nail with another strip).  Overall, it’s super easy to use these, the only learning curve I had on them was trying to position them correctly without them losing their stickiness and making sure not to cut the tips too close to my real nails.  I ended up having to do a few nails over again, so I can also attest to the strips being easy to remove with regular nail polish.  It’s basically just like taking liquid polish off, so if you can do that, you’re good to go.
Would I use them again?  Well, that’s a little complicated.  I loved how simple they were and how there’s no drying time.  I also adore a lot of the patterns/colors available.  The one big drawback for me is that the stickers didn’t last very long on my nails.  By the second day, three of the nails already had noticeable chips.  After four days, the majority of nails had something wrong with them.  That’s a little fast for $10 to be gone, in my opinion.  If they could only make these last longer, I’d use them all the time.  Make it happen, Sally Hansen!


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