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Great Gatsby Hair

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With The Great Gatsby out in theaters, I've got 1920s flapper hair on the brain. I've been so excited for this movie to come out, because the hair and hair accessories were all so incredible and intricate during that time period. Combined with Baz Lurhmann's theatrical and over-the-top styling it's a match made in a retro hair and wordrobe loving girl's heaven! I like to imagine that I'd have worn a bob with the most perfect finger waves, I also would of never have been caught outside of the house without some kind of fantastic hat or jeweled headpiece...and I'd have some adorable fringe dress and Mary Jane heels to top it all off. Daisy Buchanan, eat your heart out.

A few weeks ago, I went to a Gatsby inspired party a friend of mine threw. I think I had just about as much fun prepping my hair and dress as I did at the actual party! I did a combination of finger waves and lots of jewels in my hair, and got lots of looks on the subway ride there. I love the idea of throwing a party inspired by a decade. The first thing I think of is, "What my hair should look like?" Then clothes. Then make up. But who can be surprised there?

How would you wear your hair to a Gatsby inspired party? Do you like Evan Rachel Wood's wet finger wave look? Or Katy Perry's faux bob and jeweled headpiece? Katy's look is definitely a more modern take on the '20s, which I love. If you're not going to an actual themed party, it's best to not look too costume-y.


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