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Hair Favorites from New York Fashion Week Spring 2012

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We’ve already looked at some of my favorite nail designs and makeup from New York Fashion Week, and now I’m wrapping things up by concluding with hair. Right now it’s all about the hair!

As always, there was a mixture of sleek chignons, tousled beach hair, and romantic curls and waves gracing the runways presentations at Spring 2012 Fashion Week. It’s the usual fare, but still gorgeous nonetheless. The looks seen here are from Carolina Herrera, DKNY, Tracy Reese, Betsey Johnson, and Band of Outsiders. Any one of us would probably kill to have our hair look that way on a regular basis, would we not? I would kill for such a sleek, flyaway-free chignon!

My favorites from the show were from the teams at Badgley Mischka, Zero + Maria Cornejo, and Jen Kao. This is the kind of hair I wish I could rock and do myself. I don’t know about the Badgley Mischka look, but the rest seem worthy of an attempt, don’t they?


For Badgley Mischka, the team created different dramatic, voluminous multi-textured up-dos that were inspired by the volume and shape in the work of sculptor Umberto Boccioni. This look is a variation on a classic French twist. For a triangular flow of curls, they started with a classic roller setting with a 3/4" iron, pinning each curl section by section. After releasing the set, hair was combed gently with a wide tooth comb then loosely brushed from root to mid-head for texture. They back-combed each section, starting at the crown, to create a large mass of hair, then the look was shaped and twisted into place.


At Zero + Maria Cornejo, the hair was graphic and structural with a twist—my absolute favorite look so far. To achieve this at home, start by applying texturizing spray, then create a side bar and make two small twists on left side and secure them with elastic. Spray the twists with hairspray, then pull hair back and fold it flat against the head and secure it with bobby pins. Think origami. I am in love with how sleek and graphic this is; definitely clean and modern.


The Jen Kao show had a few different hairstyles, some elaborate and artistic with paper floral sculptures coming from the hair. This style is a little more attainable that the others. Start by blowing out your hair, divide it into two sections horizontally, and make each section into a ponytail. At the top and off center, merge the two pony tails into one and create a loose knot.

Now for the more adventurous looks from Fashion Week: These looks come from Diego Binetti and Mara Hoffman. The Diego Binetti show was a hit with me on every level—makeup, nails, and now hair. I adore the crimped texture of the hair seen here. If you’re curious on how to do this at home, take small 1/8” sections of hair and crimp with a mini crimper, then finish by twisting the hair up section by section and locking into place with bobby pins. The team from Cutler did various versions, including a French Twist.

For Mara Hoffman, the inspiration was Mexican Goddess and Tribal Chic. They started by separating hair into sections and crimping it as close to the roots as possible. Then hair was pulled into a high, tight ponytail and braided into a top knot right in the middle of the head. Prior to the show, different patterns of authentic Mara Hoffman fabric had been braided into false crimped hair. These false braids were then weaved over the top of the head to create an exaggerated braided, top knot.

The idea of introducing different things into my hair’s look (like fabric or colored string) never really occurred to me, but seeing these looks is making me want to give it a try. There’s definitely a way to integrate these things into a look without seeming over the top. I’ll let you know how that works out.


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