Hair Mousse – Not Just an ’80s Thing!

You know that game where people ask you what three items you’d bring on a deserted island? That question is easy for me to answer…I’d bring a lifetime supply of sandwiches, my red lipstick, and hair mousse, because when it’s time to be rescued, I want to be looking my best! If there is one product that does the most for you and works on the biggest variety of hair types, it’s definitely mousse.

Let’s talk about what it does.

Mousse builds a foundation for styling—I use it to prep the hair for blow drying, straightening,  curling, pinning, you name it. Hair is much easier to form and style if there is a good product foundation.
It creates volume—Mousse is nearly weightless, so it won’t drag your hair down like heavier products. It’s awesome for fine-haired ladies who love some lift (like me!).
It gives hold—By adding a little bit of grittiness to hair’s texture, mousse allows curling to “take” better, styles to last longer and it even prevents frizz!

All mousses aren’t created equal, so don’t give up if you haven’t found one you like. Some are stickier than others and can leave an unwelcome visible residue in your hair. Once you’ve found the right one for you, you will notice that your hair feels less slippery and a little more workable than normal. This is good! It means you have your foundation! It might take a little time to find the right amount for your hair and styling preferences, so don’t be afraid to use more on the days you are going for bolder styles! Sometimes I use two or three handfuls depending on the style, hair type or length of the client I’m working on.

Here are my top picks for mousse.

SACHAJUAN Hair Mousse ($28,

Redken Full Frame 07 All-Over Volumizing Mousse ($16, for salons)


L’Oreal EverStyle Alcohol-Free Volume-Boosting Mousse ($5.99, ULTA)

I get excited talking about products, because they can completely transform your hair. I always say that all you need to have beautiful hair is a good haircut, good products, and ten minutes.

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