When my clients ask me what the number one tool they should invest in is, I can't help it when the words "blow dryer" rapidly spill out of my mouth like a freight train. It's because it's true. And important. In fact, the blow dryer is the most important tool in your hair's life. If you master blow drying techniques, you'll have little or no use for curling irons and flat irons during your daily styling routine. A good blow dryer, the right brush, and a little wrist action and you'll have the fullness of a curling iron, and the smoothness of a flat iron, without the extra steps!
My favorite blow dryer is Twin Turbo. It's what I've been using and recommending my entire existence in the industry. I had a short stint with an FHI and a T3, but once I switched back to Twin Turbo I knew that it was real, true love (in the form of really good hair!). There's just something about that motor, air flow and comfortable handle that makes my hair loving knees weak!
A good blow dryer will definitely cost you a little more, but it is a worthy investment if I ever saw one. You're looking at a major difference in results when comparing a cheapy to a goody! Splurge for the goody and you'll never regret it!


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