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Haircut Trend: Less Layers, Less Fuss

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Want to know which haircut all the cool kids in the West Village are getting these days?

One that’s simple, minimalist and natural. And with very few layers. That’s right—short, medium and long hair with few or no layers.

I know what you’re thinking…won’ t my hair be flat? Won’t my hair lose all its shape? I also know why you’re thinking those things, because you’ve been trained since “The Rachel” to think that layers are the be-all-end-all of haircuts. Layers solve all the problems, right? WRONG! (Sorry to yell, just trust.)

If your hair is straight, layers will create odd choppy sections all throughout the hair that do nothing for your shape. If your hair is wavy, you’ve already got natural shape and can enhance movement by having your stylist do internal cutting (or weight removal) rather than visible shattered layers all over the place. Layers like that can look downright crazy unless they are properly styled at all times, which leaves little room for variety. (Hairiety?)

I’ m not saying to go 100 percent blunt, because blunt ends remind me a little of a paintbrush. Maybe just graze your length with the layers so that it creates soft, but full ends.  Or instead of getting layers everywhere, try just a few face-framing pieces in the front so you have something to play with. If I have too many layers, my ends can look really thin and I need a trim just about every three weeks to keep them from looking stringy. So for me, I do some face framing guys and no layers anywhere else. With a little styling, it looks full and healthy and never feels flat! I’ve been sans layers for two years!



Hair with too many layers can look over-styled and be a little high-maintenance, much like a news anchor’s. Fewer layers can look effortless and natural, like a mermaid. And who doesn’t want to look like a mermaid?

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