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A Hairy Situation

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I love buying new products for my hair, but I absolutely hate spending money on them.  For some reason, I can easily justify dropping $40 (or more!) on another eye shadow palette—even though I have so many of them that I could probably open my own Sephora store at this point—but ask me to spend $20 on a shampoo or some sort of styling product and most of the time, I just won't do it. It's very strange, especially considering how much I'll spend on a cut and color! So whenever I can find hair products that don't cost a huge amount of money but make my hair look great, I stock up. Here are the products that are currently taking up considerable space under my sink. 

I spend a ridiculous amount of money at Bath & Body Works, but in my defense, they have a wide range of great products AND a ton of fabulous coupons, which is a deadly combination for my wallet.  My latest obsession is their True Blue Spa line's Malibu Waves Spray For Hair.  Summer to me always means beachy waves and when I'm feeling especially lazy, I dry my hair about halfway, spritz this all over, then let it air dry the rest of the way, scrunching it a few times. (Sometimes I twist it up to dry, which only gives me even more waves. I swear by it). The spray itself has this great citrus-coconut tropical scent to it, which helps give it a nice vacation vibe when you spritz it on, plus it creates these awesome beach waves with tons of volume.  And one of the best things about it is that it does all that without making your hair all sticky or crunchy-feeling.  (There's nothing I hate more than a product you can actually see and/or feel in your hair. No. Just no). And at only $12.50, it's totally affordable.  And it gives you an excuse to go to Bath & Body Works.  Win win!

My other new obsession that I tried awhile ago, forgot about, and am now totally in love with is L'Oreal's Evercreme Cleansing Conditioner.  I shower every morning, but if I go to the gym after work, I also shower at night and I always worry about how bad that much shampooing is for my hair. I especially don't want to strip the (very expensive!) color out of it even faster than it normally comes out.  Enter the Cleansing Conditioner.  It's basically a conditioner that cleans your hair as well, but without any harsh ingredients. There are no sulfates or heavy waxes and it's paraben and silicon free.  Plus, it's 100 percent vegan and made with natural botanicals. You basically use it just like a shampoo, massaging it into your wet hair, but it gets much less of a lather than a normal shampoo. I was afraid that it would somehow leave my long hair dry or knotty, but it doesn't at all. It's super moisturizing and my hair looks great when I use it, which makes its $7 (or so, depending where you buy it) price tag even sweeter. Both of these together would be less than $20! How can you resist?  



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