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Have an Even Merrier Christmas with This Easy Festive Tree Nail Art Tutorial!

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With the holidays fast approaching, one easy way to get into the spirit is to add a little Christmas cheer to your nails. Just one accent nail can liven up your hands for the holidays and provide you with some seasonal glitz and glamour. Follow this easy tutorial for a festive look.

To do this manicure, you will need at least three colors: something light for your background, a green for your tree, and a color for your ornaments. You will also need something to make dots: either use a dotting tool, the blunt end of a pencil or the end of a bobby pin works great!

The first step will be to paint your base color. I chose Zoya Ziv, a gorgeous gold foil that's sparkly and bright, but light enough for the tree to really shine. Be sure to let your base color dry for a few minutes before moving on.


Now it's time to start your trees. I chose Zoya Logan because it's the perfect evergreen shade. Dab some polish on a piece of wax paper-- this is what you will work off of. Then take whatever you are using to make the dots and gently dip it into the polish on the wax paper.

Starting approximately 1/3 from your cuticle line, place one dot in the center of the nail. Then outline your tree shape going towards the free edge. You can make them as fat or as skinny as you like.  Just make sure you can see the edges of the dots so it actually gets a tree like look.

Using your same dotting device, now just fill in the blank areas of your tree until you end up with the picture above. Allow this to dry for a few minutes before adding your ornaments.


Using the same process as you did for the tree, choose a third color to make ornaments. I chose Zoya Blaze to really give it a Christmas feel. Place  your ornaments wherever you would like and voila! You have a Christmas tree manicure. Try doing this as an accent nail and make the rest of your nails red for a real holiday manicure.



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