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Holiday Beauty in a Flash

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This time of year, beauty routines fall by the wayside just when we need them most. Who has time for hair, makeup and mani-pedis when there are cookies to bake, trees to trim and gifts to wrap?!  Not I, says the beauty writer, tapping the keyboard with her bare nails and ragged cuticles. What we need are shortcuts—not time-consuming perfection—to look pulled together from now until New Year’s Eve.

Lose the Red Lipstick
Sure it’s the perennial pick for holiday glamour, but red lipstick is also terribly high-maintenance. Swap yours out for a pinky-nude shade and play up your eyes instead, for a dramatic look that will last all night.

Go with the Glow
When placed strategically, shimmer adds instant radiance to your face. I like liquid highlighters because they melt into skin and look more natural than powder. Swipe a little on your brow bones or cheekbones, or mix with foundation for an all-over glow.

Pony Up
Beach waves and dramatic updos are all well and good, but not when you’re dashing from office to evening outing. For party-perfect hair in a flash, wear a ponytail to work and fancy it up a bit by adding a bit of volume, wrapping it in a graceful ribbon or tie, and/or tucking in a sparkly accessory.
Revive Skin & Makeup
Instead of adding another layer of makeup, revive skin and refresh foundation with these three steps: Sop up shine with blotting papers, mist skin with a hydrating toner, then pat a drop of facial oil on cheekbones and around eyes, where you need the most moisture.
Get Cheeky
If you only have time to change one thing before your soiree, choose your cheeks. A fresh-from-jogging flush will brighten up your entire face and take attention away from any imperfections, like dark under-eye circles. Layer a powder blush on top of a cream or stain in a similar shade for extra staying power.
Bling on the Nails
No time to see a professional? Do a fast polish switch with one of the season’s must-have metallic shades.  Gold, silver, charcoal, and sparkly confetti lacquers look just as show-stopping after just one coat, and can double as your statement accessory! 

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