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Holiday's Best Polish Gift Sets

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I love everything about all of the holiday gift sets – the crazy big selection, the amount of products you get for the money you spend, all the bright colors… There’s really nothing not to like about the makeup selection this time of year.  Just walking into Sephora or ULTA makes me happy because I know there’s going to be something new and exciting there to see (and, uh, probably buy…)  But I have to say, my past few trips to the makeup meccas have been especially good for picking up nail polish sets.  I feel like there’s a ton more available than in previous years and they’re all fantastic.  If you’re looking to bulk up your stash or even just get started making one, here are a few of the sets you should consider.
Ciate’s CAVIAR Mini Mani Month is probably my top pick at the moment.  It’s $58, so not super cheap, but you do get a lot in return.  It comes with twenty different Paint Pot Nail Polishes, and also includes Four Caviar Pearl bottles and a funnel to apply them with.  I love the variety of shades you get – everything from purple to orange to
turquoise – and the set also includes three glitter shades that are exclusive to this set and can’t be bought anywhere else.  (And I LOVE glitter nail polish.  Seriously, there are twelve year-old girls out there who don’t love it as much as me.  I can’t help it!)  And with the four Caviar Pearl bottles, you can give yourself the beaded manicure that everyone’s been talking about and even experiment with different shades of it.  Such a different nail look and so fun!
If you’re a fan of red polishes (and who isn’t?) you absolutely NEED OPI for Sephora’s Perfect Reds set.  For $39, you get five full-sized bottles of a variety of red shades.  There’s nothing like a red nail (or toe!) and once you take this home with you, you won’t have to shop for another red in a long time.  It includes a poppy red, a metallic candy apple red, a classic wine, a bright maraschino color, and a red chunky glitter.  (The glitter is awesome.  It’s called Be-Clause I Said So and I must have backups of it!)  I’m wearing a dark wine shade on my fingers right now and I forgot how classic and modern it looks and how much I love it.  Reds for everyone!


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