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Hot New Nail Trend for 2013 - Textured Nails!

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Being a nail polish blogger in NYC, I often get asked what the next big trend in nails will be!  In 2011, it was the year of the crackles.  2012 seemed to be the year of the nail art!  I am predicting that 2013 will be the year of the textured nails!

So far, in the first month of 2013 alone we have seen OPI release a "liquid sand" collection, Nails Inc. release a "leather effect" and Zoya release a "pixie dust" collection.  Even more intense textures like flocking powder for "velvet" nails and little beads for "caviar" nails are coming but those aren't realistic for every day.  Here are 5 choices that you CAN wear every day, even to work, and look fabulous!

First up is the Nails. Inc Leather Effect.  This polish actually looks like leather on the nails!  It is currently only available in the US in black and comes in a kit with swarovski crystals, studs and skull & crossbone charms.  While the three dimensional nail look might not look best for a professional look, the leather effect looks amazing for any event!  It applies like regular polish and dries into this leathery look!

For a more fun look, try out OPI The Impossible!  This textured polish only has a slightly bumpy feel to it but it also comes with fun star glitters!  Now if you want to look a bit more grown up simply don't use the stars but for a night out it adds a little something fun!

Feeling blue to go with the winter weather?  OPI Get Your Number gives you a bit of glitter and texture without all the glitz of a shiny polish!  This applies just like regular polish only no need for a top coat!

Looking for something dark and vampy but not quite black?  OPI Stay the Night gives you a black textured nail with pieces of fuchsia glitter in it!  This color is perfect for work or play.  As lovely as it looks all textured, try a topcoat like below for a new look after a few days!

Just a little top coat gives you a whole new manicure and will make the manicure last a few more days!  You can spend a few days with a textured look and a few with a shiny smooth look without having to get a whole new manicure!

The textured look is here to stay!  It's a great way of dressing up your nails and looking like you are wearing something different and interesting without the hassle or skill of nail art!  As long as you can paint your nails, if you pick up a textured polish you can get a leather or sand or gritty look.  And, once you tire of it, just put on a quick dry top coat and voila!  It's a new manicure in just a few minutes!


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