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How to Do a Sock Bun

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Have thin hair? Have thick-hair envy? Well I've got the solution for you! I present to you….The Sock Bun!

Let's get started.

1-Find a sock (preferably a clean sock!) close to your hair color. Sorry cute, pink, stripey sock! You just won't work!
2-Cut the toes out of the sock so that it makes a tube.
3-Roll the sock up so it looks like a doughnut.


4-Pull your hair up into a pony tail. It can be low, high, to the side or anywhere you want!
5-Pull your pony tail through the center of the sock doughnut until the sock is at the base.
6-Split your pony tail so that it's covering the sock in every direction.
7-Use an elastic to secure the hair around the sock.
8-Tuck/pin the loose hairs around the bun.
9-Enjoy the massive bun envy you are giving everyone around you.

Lookin' good! Check out my two new video tutorials for more on creating a sock bun:

Easy Sock Bun for Long Hair

Quick Sock Bun for Short Hair

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