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How to Get Penelope Cruz's Faux-Bob Oscar ’Do

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Did you watch the Oscars? I loved pretty much every gown I saw and definitely noticed that the one-shoulder style was the dominating silhouette on the red carpet. As for hair, we saw pretty much everything! Kristin Wiig, Natalie Portman and Angelina Jolie went with down and flowy; Jennifer Lopez, Tina Fey and Rooney Mara did buns of all shapes and sizes; and Melissa McCarthy, Ellie Kemper and Emma Stone did elegant updos.

I think my favorite hair for the night was the bob. Rose Byrne wore a straight bob with bangs, Milla Jovovich had a curly bob, and Penélope Cruz wore her hair in a faux old-Hollywood bob. These ladies inspired me to show you a quick tutorial on how to wear your hair in a bob. You can do it even if your hair is long—just like Penélope did!

First, part your hair where you want to wear it.

Next, use a curling iron to create some shape. I am going for much looser waves than Penélope, which is a more everyday look. For a tightly-curled style like hers, use a smaller iron (I used a one inch barrel) and start the curl right at your roots.

Do a very low, loose braid at the nape of your neck.

After securing your braid with a hair tie, tuck it up into your hair and pin in place.

Last, you can spray, shake, adjust it however you want until it looks right. I like to pull a few long hairs out just so it looks a little imperfect.

Enjoy your short hair for the day!

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