Here's a little tip that will take your "special hair" to the next level. But first, What's "special hair"? For me, special hair is anything fancy that you would wear outside of your daily routine. So, if you were going to a wedding, you might wear your special hair. If you were going to a party, on a date or down the red carpet, you'd definitely want special hair.

So what's my fabulous tip already? Build a good foundation before you style! How you build a hair foundation is the most important thing when it comes to creating a look, and making it last. Here is how you get there..

Products: You'll want to partake in many many products. Hair mousses, styling cremes, texture sprays, volumizing products. The majority of these products will go on damp hair, and be blow dried in. Don't be alarmed if your hair doesn't actually feel like hair anymore, but rather a texture that is easily molded and shaped. This probably means you put the right amount of products in!

Setting: Maybe you'll do a wet set in rollers, maybe you'll do a blow out or curl with an iron and set in pins. Whichever you decide is the best, just give it plenty of time to dry/set/cool before proceeding with the style.

Tools: If you're doing an updo, you'll want the best pins you can get your hands on. If you're back-combing, get yourself a proper tail comb!

Now that you've built the best foundation, the finishing product is the last link in the amazingly special hair chain. Use an anti-humidity spray, a shine spray, or a hair spray for hold. Or if you're me, all three!

Special hair is my jam. And now that you know all the secrets, it's probably yours too!

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