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How to Get Salon-Perfect Hair at Home

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There's that moment when you step out of the salon when all is right with the world—or at least with your hair. I leave determined to make my big, bouncy, shiny hair last forever. And if I'm not diligent, it's back to it's usual antics (flat, flyaway) after one shampoo. Unless you are a natural-born goddess, getting salon-worthy hair at home requires a few tricks and some serious product. Here's what I've picked up over the years from the pros, and from way too many experimentations of my own. Remember: These aren't one-size-fits-all tips; you'll have to do a little hair whispering of your own!

1. Oscar Blandi At Home Salon Glaze ($25) – Finding the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair type it important, but neither are going to re-create the shine you get from a fresh color or deep conditioning treatment at the salon like this three-minute glaze. Bonus: It won't weigh your hair down whatsoever.  2. Living Proof Prime Style Extender ($20) – You don't have to be a rocket scientist to appreciate that this new styling primer extends hairstyles two times longer with the help of high-tech dirt- and oil-repelling hydrogen bonds. 3. Spornette ($25) – The go-to for big salon blow-outs, a boar-bristle round brush does it's best work when you blast hair with heat then leave it to set in your hair for 10 seconds before removing.  4. Joico Instant Dry Refresh ($10)  – Not all dry shampoos were created equal. This one leaves no tacky or powdery trace, just sops up oil, adds a shot of volume at the roots, and extends your style between shampoos. Tip: spray in at night, wake up with clean hair.  5. DevaCurl Flexible-Hold Hair Spray ($25) – If you haven't been a hairspray die-hard before, this non-sticky, high-shine, lavendar-scented wonder will change your mind—and maintain your blow-out, beach waves or sleek bob like a boss.  6. T3 Voluminous Hot Rollers ($99) – It won't belong before these hot potatoes drive blow-dry bars out of business. Unlike the old-school version that left locks frizzy and poodle-esque, these ionic, velvet-wrapped rollers create soft bombshell curls that last all day.


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