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How to Host a Beauty Swap

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You’ve probably heard of clothing swaps—where a group of girlfriends get together to trade their new or gently used cast-offs—so why not a beauty swap? After all, most of us have amassed a few “mistakes,” like that mismatched foundation, the unflattering shade of lipstick, those gift-with-purchases you just had to have but never ended up using. Instead of letting them collect dust under the sink, invite your fellow product junkies over for a swap. One girl’s trash just might be another girl’s treasure. Here’s how to pull it off:

1. Invite friends whose shampoo you’d be comfortable sharing. Keep the list manageable; five to ten people is ideal.
2. Tell everyone to bring barely used products and tools. The more they bring, the better the swap.
3. Stock up on beauty-counter supplies: tissues, q-tips, tissues, mirrors, and rubbing alcohol for sanitizing.
4. Organize products by type—makeup, skin, hair, fragrance—and add cute signs.
5. Serve snacks and girly cocktails if you like, but keep it neat. Messy food and makeup don’t mix!
6. Give guests tickets or tokens to “spend” at the swap, or tell them to select the same number of products they brought.
7. Donate any new, unswapped products to a local women’s shelter whose guest will surely appreciate fresh toiletries.
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