Some time unbeknownst to anyone, long long ago, the ponytail became a hairstyle that people considered a lazy 'do. This puzzles me, because a ponytail requires effort. Wouldn't the laziest hairstyle be just plain down and messy, or as my Grandma would describe it, bedraggled?

Yes, you can toss it all up into a quick ponytail and never think of your hair for the rest of the day, but why? You can spend a few more seconds and make it look intentional, while still keeping that cool, casual and effortless vibe that we love so much about them. I think a girl with a loosely tied ponytail and some lipstick can pull off any outfit, and have you seen a sleek pony on a girl walking down the red carpet? So chic. Look at it this way, if you learn a trick or two to make your pony a pretty one, you can look great and keep your hair out of your face. That, my friends, is my idea of the best of both worlds…hair edition.

So what are these magical ideas, you ask? My two Ts—Tease and Tether.

Tether: Once you've tied up your ponytail, simply wrap a small section of hair around the tie and pin in place. By covering the elastic, you're saying "This is special hair. Not laundry hair.". Even if you really are just going to be doing laundry, which— in fact—I highly recommend.

Tease: by teasing at the crown just so before pulling it up, you can really make your pony formal-wear appropriate. It's sexy but easy and always cool.


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