The most common question my clients ask is “How often should I trim my hair?” If I was forced at gunpoint to answer, generally I would say every six to eight weeks. But to tell you the truth, it’s really not something that should be answered generally. First of all, there are two types of trims—health trims and shape trims.


How frequently you need a health trim depends on your hair’s natural texture and how you care for it. For instance, if you bleach, blow try, tease, curl, straighten and repeat, you’re probably going to need a trim every four or five weeks. But if you are the rare and fortunate owner of a glossy, thick, silky strong head of virgin hair, you might be able to stretch it out to ten, twelve, or even fourteen weeks.

Shape trims are more important for the girl with a very stylized cut. If you have a pixie, you can’t just let it grow and grow and grow as you might be able to if you had long hair halfway down your back. At the ten week mark, you’d likely look similar to a lazy surfer, right? Or if you are the type with overly thick hair, you need shaping in the form of weight removal to prevent your hair from growing outward like unruly shrubbery.

If you’re trimming your hair for health, pay attention to how many weeks before your ends start drying out, then make your appointment accordingly to prevent the damage from causing breakage.

If you need a trim for shape, you’ll want to make your appointment as soon as your hair requires more work to look nice. Can always schedule your next trim at the end of your visit and change it if you need it sooner or later.

What is your trimming need? Health? Shape?

Me? I’m the bleacher, curler, teaser that is entering deadly split end territory at exactly six weeks. We can’t all be Mila Kunis, after all.



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