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The Idiot-Proof Smoky Eye

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I really, really adore the look of a smoky eye. If I’m going out for the night or going to an evening event (like a wedding), you can pretty much bet that’s the look I’ll be rocking. I just love how sophisticated and classic you come across when you have a good smoky eye. Continuing on my ongoing quest to perfect the smoky eye, I recently tested out one of the Sephora brand’s new offerings—the Pro Lesson Palette: Smoky Eyes.

I’m a big fan of smoky eye palettes because when you use them, there’s no guesswork or scrambling through your makeup collection to try and find the perfect pairing of shades. It’s all just done for you. This one is especially great because you get the shades to do two kinds of smoky eyes—brown and black—all in one palette. I love that, because a brown smoky eye is subtler and can actually fit in during the day, but a black one is definitely more appropriate for nighttime.

There are a total of six shades in the palette—three brown shades and three black shades. Each set of three shadows comes with its own instructions (complete with photos), so it’s a breeze to create the look that you’re going for. The shadows are nicely pigmented and blend easily, and there’s even a travel-size black eyeliner to line your eyes with when you’re done with the shadows. The only thing that doesn’t come with the kit is mascara, but honestly, I’d rather use my own personal favorite one anyway. You’ll also need to use your own makeup brushes to apply the shadows, but again, the ones you have are probably better quality than the ones that usually come in palettes. For dark shadows that need a more precise application, it’s a better idea to use good brushes anyway.

The palette is a great deal at only $28, so if you’re looking to bulk up your smoky-eye stash (or if you’re a pro who wants to add to your collection of shades), this is definitely one palette worth adding. Even more exciting, it also comes in three other color schemes—Green Eyes, Blue Eyes, and Brown Eyes. My eyes are green, so I think I’ll have to go check out that one in the store because from the looks of it, it could be another one worth adding to my palette drawer. (I know, I have a palette drawer. It’s kind of out of control. Someone needs to ban me from Sephora before I wind up living on the streets with only one pair of shoes but a ton of fabulous lip gloss.) 

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