Inspired by The Blonds at NYFW Nail Art Tutorial!

Behind the scenes at NYFW this year there was every type of nail from the natural to the obscure.  Today, I'm going to show you how you can do one of the more obscure ones but actually make it wearable!

The ever innovative CND created a ton of different Hitchcock and Kubrick inspired talon like nails backstage for The Blonds.  I thought it would be great to do one embellished nail with black rhinestones against all other black polish for an edgy look that's wearable for a night out!

These are the items you will need to do this manicure.  A black nail polish, at least 20-30 rhinestones depending on your nail length, which you can get at any beauty supply or craft store, an orange stick or a tooth pick, and a clear top coat that is not a fast drying one.


To add a little more texture, I used Nails Inc Leather Effect nail polish in NoHo on the nails that wouldn't be rhinestoned.  Since that polish doesn't require a top coat, it cut down on my manicure time!  Then I did my ring finger, which would be jewel encrusted, with a plan black creme.   Wait a few minutes for them to dry before moving on.

Before you get started on the next part, it's best to have all your rhinestones laid out on a plate or a piece of paper with the flat side down.  This will make things go faster once you are ready to start placing them!


Now you're going to use your NON fast drying top coat.  You need one that will stay tacky for awhile so you will be able to set the stones in it.  Really any top coat will work as long as it doesn't say Fast Dry on it!


Put a tiny bit of top coat on the tip of your orange stick (or toothpick if that's what you are using) and use it to pick up the rhinestone.  This is why you need them to be flat side down so you can just pick up the top and be able to easily work with it.


Starting at the base of the nail, just ahead of the cuticle, start laying down the rhinestones.  You are just going to repeat the steps of putting a bit of top coat on your orange stick, picking up your rhinestone and placing them as closely together on the nail as you can.  After a lot of patience, voila!  You have a gorgeous jeweled nail inspired by NYFW!



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