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Life is Handful of Cherries

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Cherries are always associated with summer so why not add a few to your nails?  Make your nails as fresh and bright as cherries with this very simple tutorial!

First make sure you have all of your polishes set before you start!  For this tutorial you will need a red polish, a white polish, a green polish or green striping bottle, something to make dots (either a dotting tool or edge of a bobby pin) and some wax paper!


First you will paint your base color.  If you want all of your nails to be cherries then paint them all white but if you want to do accents like me, I used white on some nails and red on the others.  The white I used is NARS Shiro Nuri and for the red I used the beautiful Zoya Elisa from the new Fall 2012 Diva Collection. 

Next, you will get your wax paper ready.  You’re going to drop a few drops of your red polish onto the wax paper and this is what you will use to dip into for the cherries.  Make sure you do not make this too thick otherwise your dots won’t be perfect! Then take your dotting tool or bobby pin and dip it into the red polish and take a few test dots on the paper to make sure you have a feel for how big it will be and how far spaced apart your cherries should be.


It’s time to make the cherries!  Carefully dip the dotting tool or bobby pin into the red polish and place on the nail.  You can either make your cherries on an angle from each other or parallel depending on the look you want!  If your nails are larger, you can do more that one set of cherries on each nail!

Once all your red dots are in place, it’s time to connect your cherries with stems and leaves!  Either use a green striping polish like this one from It’s So Easy or use a green polish and a tiny paint brush.  Simply make two slightly curved lines that intersect approximately three quarters of the way up and voila!  You have cherries on  your nails!  Be sure to add your favorite top coat once the cherries have dried because you don’t want to smear them on the white and enjoy!


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