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Lip Balm + Hand Cream = Love

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Besides lip balm, I also have a hand cream addiction that is borderline obsessive. It’s what I call a “gateway” product; a wallet-friendly product that introduces me to a new line. This is how I’ve amassed so many lip balms!

Votre Vu is a French brand that makes decadent bath and body products as well as skincare. Its products pamper me to no end; my skin has loved its time with the On Holiday Moisturizing Body Spray this summer.


Votre Vu’s Bebe Duetteis my newest obsession. What’s genius is that Votre Vu has combined the two products women use most—lip balm and hand cream— into one product. And what’s even better? There’s even a mirror in the cap!

The Tarte D’Amande Hand Crème is very nourishing for nails and hands with a combination of sunflower, jojoba, grape seed oil, aloe, and wheat proteins. Besides how handy and convenient the 2-in-1 package is, what I love about this is how quickly the formula absorbs and that it doesn’t leave my hands feeling heavy or greasy. I can get right back to work. Also, the coconut-almond scent is fantastic… I’d wear it as perfume if someone bottled it!

As for the Luxe Lips lip balm, there is the original clear as well as a new Framboise tinted version. Both are light in texture but still very emollient and soothing. The formula was created with coconut, sunflower, and premiere pressed castor oils along with shea butter and beeswax. The clear version has a light coconut flavor and the Framboise version has a passion fruit flavor with a subtle raspberry tint that would work on just about every skin tone. The Framboise is a somewhat recent addition to Votre Vu’s lineup, and I can only hope there are more tints to come.

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