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A Little Light Color

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It’s been unseasonably warm in Los Angeles lately. It’s nice not having to carry a coat around with me, but I’m not quite ready to give up “winter” yet, even if winter in Los Angeles needs to have quotes around it. I want to wear my cute new boots and the awesome jacket I found on sale at Marshalls (and practically knocked a woman over to get to because it’s so gorgeous!). On the plus side, weather this warm always makes me turn to glosses instead of lipstick, just because they feel lighter and I’m always up for discovering a fun, new gloss. See, the glass is half full!
Clinique Almost Lipsticks have been on my radar for a little while, but I’ve only grown to really appreciate them in recent weeks when a larger selection of colors became available. They’re kind of a mix between a lipstick and a gloss—they can have a good amount of color, but they’re not heavy on and they have a decent amount of shine without being sticky—sort of like getting the best of both worlds! I’ve been obsessed with the Black Honey since I tried it because it’s another version of the cult classic shade that looks good on every single person (if you’ve never tried it, put down your keyboard and RUN to the mall), but now there are an additional seven shades, all named Honey as well (Shy Honey, Lovely Honey, etc.). At only $15 each, they’re great additions to your lip wardrobe any time of the year, but the fact that they’re so moisturizing makes them especially perfect in any extreme weather. They also look great layered over lipstick, so that gives them even more versatility.
I’m especially partial to a few of the shades. Luscious Honey is a light red; it’s on the sheerer side, but the color is buildable and it gives my lips that natural red that’s sometimes hard to find. (I have a deep-seated fear that any bright red lipstick I wear will somehow make me look a clown and I won’t realize it). I’m also in love with Tender Honey, a great nude shade that can be made deeper with more coats and looks fabulous with a dark, smoky eye.  I’m a big fan of the nude lip; I can never get enough options and this is one of my recent favorites. Plus, if you time it right, you can even get a gift with purchase when you buy from your local Clinique counter, which is always a fun bonus.  Who doesn’t love a little free makeup? 

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