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Make a DIY Olive Oil-Sugar Scrub

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It’s time . . . to start prepping that body for spring. Before you break out the self-tanner for those pasty limbs, buff away the remains of winter with this DIY body scrub. I love how simple yet luxurious it is—not much different than the salt scrubs I’ve plunked down a paycheck for at fancy spas, and totally natural to boot. Plus, you can customize it with whatever essential oil you’re in the mood for, or experiment with your own blend. This recipe also makes a lovely gift. Just add a classic canning jar and a pretty label! 

Olive Oil-Sugar Scrub
Courtesy of Becky Sturm, the founder of and
1 c. olive oil
1/2 c. granulated sugar
A few drops of your favorite essential oil
Directions for use:
Combine the olive oil and sugar in a sealable bowl or jar. In the shower, thoroughly wet your body. Turn off the water. Apply the mixture to skin and massage using circular motions. Rinse well. Gently pat dry to leave a trace of olive oil behind like a built-in lotion. This scrub can be stored in a sealed (unrefrigerated) container for a couple of weeks. (To avoid irritating your skin, don’t massage any area for longer than one minute, and don’t use on your face.)

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