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Marbled Manicure Plus an Alternative Use for Saran Wrap

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If you have plastic wrap or a sandwich bag around, you have pretty much everything  you need to take your manicure to the Michelangelo level. 

You need two colors (they can be as contrasting or as subtly different as you like) and either saran wrap or in my case, Press and Seal.  Even a plastic bag can work if you're in a pinch!

First, paint your nails the lighter of the two colors you are using.  It's important to let this first polish dry pretty well before moving onto the next steps so I recommend either using a day old manicure or using a fast dry top coat and waiting about 15 minutes.


Now it's time to prep your Saran Wrap/ Press and Seal/ plastic bag so it's ready when you need it.  Rip it up into strips of about 3 inches long and 2 inches across.  If you have really tiny nails you can use less or if you have very long nails you might want to use a little more.  Then, scrunch it up into balls so you have one for each nail.  Since I was doing all of my nails I had 10 ready for me.

Now that you are all prepped, you are going to work one nail at a time.  Take your darker color and paint a thick coat on top of your nail.  You need it to be thick so that it gives the marbled effect well so try to pick a polish that is more opaque.

While the nail is still very wet, gently press the ball of plastic onto your nail.  Experiment with using different pressures to see what effect you like.  It's better to start with light pressure and work you way up if you want to remove more of the top color.  Make sure to hit all sides of your nail to get a good effect.  Repeat on each nail.

This can get a little messy and you can end up with some nail polish on your finger/cuticles so just take a q-tip and dip it in a bit of nail polish remover.  Then just gently clean away the excess nail polish on your skin so your manicure looks perfect. 


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