What is this B.B. Cream, you ask? I wondered the same thing. B.B. Cream stands for “blemish balm.” It’s been used throughout Asia for years, and it’s now making its way to North America. Initially I paid B.B. Cream no mind, since I don’t struggle with major breakouts. Then I learned that in Asia “blemish” can mean any type of skin imperfection—wrinkles, uneven skin tone, sun damage, acne, rosacea, etc. B.B. Cream is designed to prevent and diminish ALL of these issues. This got my attention. For my maiden B.B. Cream voyage, I chose Boscia’s version ($38) with SPF 27. The cream is incredibly lightweight and airy, like a primer. Unless you’re super-dry, you should be able to wear it alone or on top of a serum—it’s ideal for summer. It comes in one shade, which magically blends into most skin tones, creating a shockingly flawless yet sheer canvas. You won’t even need a foundation! Meanwhile, B.B. Cream keeps skin fresh with Sodium PCA and Sodium Hyaluronate (two hydrating powerhouses), smoothes fine lines and pores, and provides all-natural sun protection using titanium dioxide. Basically, it’s your perfect product. I’ve pretty much stopped using everything else because it’s just too darn easy to slap this stuff on my face and go. This begs the question: What other ah-mazing beauty products does Asia have that we don’t?!

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