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Moisture Surge

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My face has been totally dry lately, which isn’t all that normal for me. I’m choosing to blame it on the totally weird Los Angeles weather we’ve been having lately. First it’s ridiculously hot, then it’s really cool, then it’s overcast and drizzling …. Come on, Los Angeles! This isn’t why I moved here. Get it together!

So, in an effort to save my skin from flaking any more than it already has, I rummaged through my closet trying to find a good moisturizer. And then there it was: my holy grail of facial moisturizers that I’d somehow managed to completely forget about when I’d gotten caught up in testing out newer, flashier jars—Clinique’s Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief. I grabbed it out of the closet and smoothed some on, and my skin instantly felt better. The great thing about Moisture Surge is that the cream/gel somehow manages to be a heavy moisturizer without feeling, well, heavy. It goes on easily and sinks into your skin quickly, but you can feel its effects for hours. It’s not sticky or greasy, it doesn’t clog pores, it’s just … perfect. You can even use it as a mask of sorts by covering your face with it and letting it sink in before wiping off the excess. It’s been about ten days or so since I started using it again, and my skin is totally back to normal—it’s soft and not flaky or tight anymore. Now that I remember how great it works, Moisture Surge definitely won’t be going back into exile in my closet again anytime soon!

The only thing I would change about it if I could is the fact it doesn’t have any sun protection, so you have to remember to apply your favorite SPF if you’re using it in the daytime. BUT—and this is very exciting—Clinique now also has a Moisture Sheer Tint SPF 15, which comes in three shades and is perfect for the summer or year-round, if you like a sheerer coverage foundation. It’s definitely coming home with me on my next visit to the Clinique counter. That way I can make sure to keep my skin as hydrated as it is now when it finally stays hot for months at a time here in Los Angeles (whenever that finally is …).

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